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NameKing catalogCollection & Inventory numberWikidata
Astrolabe-Quadrant: Universal Horizon/AzimuthAdler Planetarium A-108Wikidata
Astrolabe: WesternAdler Planetarium A-111Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-146Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-153Wikidata
Astrolabe: Mariner'sAdler Planetarium A-157Wikidata
Astrolabe-Quadrant: Gunter-typeAdler Planetarium A-203Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-204Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-212Wikidata
Astrolabe: WesternAdler Planetarium A-251Wikidata
Astrolabe: Mariner'sAdler Planetarium A-275Wikidata
Astrolabe: Stellar CompassAdler Planetarium A-291Wikidata
Astrolabe: Western, doubleAdler Planetarium A-304aWikidata
Astrolabe: WesternAdler Planetarium A-304bWikidata
Astrolabe Part: ReteAdler Planetarium A-343Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-37Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-396Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-40Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-68Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-69Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-70Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-71Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-72Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-73Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-74Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-75Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-76Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-77Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-78Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-79Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-80Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-81Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-82Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-83Wikidata
Astrolabe: Eastern2557Adler Planetarium A-84Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-85Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-86Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-87Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-88Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-89Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-90Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium A-91Wikidata
Astrolabe-Quadrant: Gunter-typeAdler Planetarium DPW-10Wikidata
Astrolabe-Quadrant: Gunter-typeAdler Planetarium DPW-12Wikidata
Astrolabe-Quadrant: Gunter-typeAdler Planetarium DPW-41Wikidata
Astrolabe-Quadrant: Gunter-typeAdler Planetarium DPW-46Wikidata
Astrolabe: Western [Reproduction]Adler Planetarium DPW-51Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium DPW-52Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium DPW-54Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium G-36Wikidata
Astrolabe: Double-facedAdler Planetarium L-100Wikidata
Astrolabe159Adler Planetarium M-20Wikidata
Astrolabe: WesternAdler Planetarium M-22Wikidata
Astrolabe: Western, multiple-typeAdler Planetarium M-23Wikidata
Astrolabe: Western, multiple-typeAdler Planetarium M-24Wikidata
Astrolabe: Western, multiple-typeAdler Planetarium M-25Wikidata
Astrolabe295, 200Adler Planetarium M-26Wikidata
A 'Fusoris-type' astrolabe199Adler Planetarium M-27Wikidata
Astrolabe: WesternAdler Planetarium M-29Wikidata
Astrolabe: WesternAdler Planetarium M-31Wikidata
Astrolabe: Western, multiple-typeAdler Planetarium M-32Wikidata
Astrolabe: Western, multiple-typeAdler Planetarium M-33Wikidata
Astrolabe of Johannes BosAdler Planetarium M-33aWikidata
Astrolabe: WesternAdler Planetarium M-34Wikidata
Astrolabe: Eastern150, 153Adler Planetarium M-35Wikidata
Astrolabe: Eastern154, 154Adler Planetarium M-36Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium M-37Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium M-38Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium M-39Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium M-40Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium M-41Wikidata
Astrolabe: Western, De Rojas-typeAdler Planetarium M-42Wikidata
Surveyor's crossAdler Planetarium M-43Wikidata
Astrological DiskAdler Planetarium M-44Wikidata
Astrolabe: Western, De Rojas-typeAdler Planetarium M-463Wikidata
Conjoined instruments: Astrolabe mater, sundial, discAdler Planetarium M-465Wikidata
Astrolabe-Quadrant: Eastern, SinecalAdler Planetarium N-53Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium N-68Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium N-69Wikidata
Astrolabe: Eastern2605Adler Planetarium N-70Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium N-71Wikidata
Astrolabe-Quadrant: Sutton-typeAdler Planetarium T-35Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium W-102Wikidata
Astrolabe: WesternAdler Planetarium W-109Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium W-151Wikidata
Astrolabe: WesternAdler Planetarium W-250Wikidata
Astrolabe: WesternAdler Planetarium W-251Wikidata
Astrolabe: WesternAdler Planetarium W-253Wikidata
Astrolabe-Quadrant: Sutton-typeAdler Planetarium W-256Wikidata
Sir John Findlay's 'Fusoris-type' astrolabe193Adler Planetarium W-264Wikidata
Astrolabe: WesternAdler Planetarium W-272Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium W-273Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium W-316Wikidata
Astrolabe-Quadrant: Gunter-typeAdler Planetarium W-70Wikidata
Astrolabe-Quadrant: Gunter-typeAdler Planetarium W-88Wikidata
Astrolabe: EasternAdler Planetarium W-89Wikidata
Astrolabe-Quadrant: Eastern, SinecalAdler Planetarium W-93Wikidata
Astrolabe: WesternAdler Planetarium W-97Wikidata
Astrolabe: WesternAdler Planetarium W-98aWikidata
Planispheric astrolabeAga Khan Museum AKM611Wikidata
Astrolabe3568, 4035Ahuan Gallery Wikidata
A badly-corroded Abbasid (?) astrolabe4020Ahuan Gallery Wikidata
Astrolabe3532Ahuan Gallery Wikidata
A rete and set of plates4154Ahuan Gallery Wikidata
An early copy4027Ahuan Gallery Wikidata
Astrolabe4153Ahuan Gallery Wikidata
A mater3714Andalusian Mosque Wikidata
A replacement rete and plates3533Arab World Institute AI 86-14Wikidata
Astrolabe3539Arab World Institute AI 86-17Wikidata
Astrolabe Carolingien3042Arab World Institute AI 86-31Wikidata
Planispheric astrolabeArab World Institute AI 86-45Wikidata
A mater1205Arab World Institute AI.86-20Wikidata
A mater3534Arab World Institute AI.86.14Wikidata
Astrolabe4029Arab World Institute AI.86.15Wikidata
A mater and plate4206Arab World Institute AI.86.16Wikidata
Astrolabe1115Arab World Institute AI.86.18Wikidata
AstrolabeArt Institute of Chicago 1929.132Wikidata
Astrolabe4507Bargello 1156 CWikidata
Astrolabe1139Bavarian National Museum 33/243Wikidata
An early copy of a 'Fusoris-type' astrolabe3208, 623Bavarian National Museum 33/244Wikidata
Astrolabe249Bavarian National Museum Phys. 90a.Wikidata
A quintuply-universal astrolabe140Benaki Museum 13178Wikidata
An astrolabe116Berlin State Library 2050Wikidata
An astrolabic plate for multiple latitudesBerlin State Library Sprenger 2049Wikidata
A composite astrolabe with a European mater and a set of plates and rete from al-ʿIrāq or Iran1072Biblioteca comunale di Casa Professa Wikidata
A ṣafīha128Bibliothèque nationale de France Ge A.408.Wikidata
An astrolabe in the 'Fusoris' tradition518Bibliothèque nationale de France Ge.A.331Wikidata
An astrolabe by Khalaf ibn al-Muʿādh illustrated in a Latin manuscript4024Bibliothèque nationale de France lat. 7412, fols. 19v-23vWikidata
Blakene Astrolabe292British Museum 1853,1104.1Wikidata
Chaucer Astrolabe291British Museum 1909.6-17.1Wikidata
An astrolabe for localities from Dover to Berwick298British Museum 1914,0219.1Wikidata
An astrolabe for the seven climates161British Museum 1961.12-1.1Wikidata
Canterbury Astrolabe QuadrantBritish Museum 2008,8017.1Wikidata
Astrolabe104British Museum 55 7-9 1Wikidata
A 'Fusoris-type' astrolabe195British Museum 57.5-23.1Wikidata
Astrolabe112British Museum 64 12-21 1Wikidata
An Italian astrolabe for the climates167British Museum 67.7-5.22Wikidata
Astrolabe105British Museum 80 3-8 1Wikidata
A ṣafīḥa shakkāziyya106British Museum 90 3-15 3Wikidata
A compendium with an astrological plate250British Museum 94 6-15 1Wikidata
Astrolabe158British Museum MLA 1893,0616,3Wikidata
An unsigned, undated astrolabe with a rete in the early Andalusian 'Abbasid' style (and additional markings by a European)135, 110British Museum OA+371Wikidata
The Great Sloane astrolabeBritish Museum Sloane 54Wikidata
An unsigned 'Fusoris-type' astrolabe with a single plate for latitude 34°3081Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments Wikidata
AstrolabeCollection of astronomical instruments at ETH Zürich KGS-236-aWikidata
An astrolabe with universal plates545Columbia University 27-256.Wikidata
AstrolabeConservatoire national des Arts et Métiers 03882-0001-Wikidata
Rennerus Arsenius astrolabe-CnAM 3907Conservatoire national des Arts et Métiers 03907-0000-Wikidata
Astrolabe by Jean Fusoris3080Conservatoire national des Arts et Métiers 19544-0000-Wikidata
An astrolabe with plates for tropical latitudes516Conservatoire national des Arts et Métiers 3882/1Wikidata
A mater and plates for the climates589Cusanusstift 3Wikidata
Astrolabe3595Danish Museum of Art & Design 6/1972Wikidata
Astrolabe3595Danish Museum of Art & Design D25/1986Wikidata
A mater1121Dar Batha 20993Wikidata
Astrolabe2701Dar Batha 714Wikidata
Astrolabe2710Dar Batha 764Wikidata
Astrolabe4199Dar al Athar al Islamiyyah LNS 34MWikidata
astrolabeDepartment of Decorative Arts of the Louvre OA 10074Wikidata
Planispheric astrolabeDepartment of Decorative Arts of the Louvre OA 10675Wikidata
astrolabeDepartment of Decorative Arts of the Louvre OA 10675Wikidata
Gunter-type astrolabe quadrantDepartment of Decorative Arts of the Louvre OA 10749Wikidata
astrolabeDepartment of Decorative Arts of the Louvre OA 11144Wikidata
Planispheric astrolabeDepartment of Decorative Arts of the Louvre OA 11951Wikidata
astrolabeDepartment of Decorative Arts of the Louvre OA 11951Wikidata
Astrolabe4048Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellschaft Wikidata
Astrolabe of Erasmus HabermelDeutsches Museum 1911/29028Wikidata
An astrolabe with a prominent bowl-shaped frame on the rete4525Deutsches Museum 1991-232Wikidata
A composite astrolabe with Hebrew inscriptions on the back of the mater621, 621Deutsches Museum 5178Wikidata
Astrolabe620Deutsches Museum 70678Wikidata
An astrolabe with an unusual rete4502Dr. Tullio Tomba Collection Wikidata
An Italian astrolabe3037Dr. Tullio Tomba Collection Wikidata
Astrolabe4515Dr. Tullio Tomba Collection Wikidata
An astrolabe with plates for Paris, Cologne and London4521Dr. Tullio Tomba Collection Wikidata
Astrolabe1178Federal Urdu University Wikidata
Astrolabe3613Franklin Institute 4563Wikidata
Astrolabe (forgery?)Freer Gallery of Art F1942.8a-hWikidata
AstrolabeFreer Gallery of Art F1945.6Wikidata
Astrolabe549Germanisches Nationalmuseum WI 129Wikidata
An astrolabe with a rete decorated with circus figures137Germanisches Nationalmuseum WI 20Wikidata
An Italian astrolabe with zoomorphic representations on the throne and back547Germanisches Nationalmuseum WI 21Wikidata
Astrolabe558Germanisches Nationalmuseum WI 282Wikidata
An astrolabe1099Germanisches Nationalmuseum WI 353Wikidata
A German astrolabic plate with a tulipshaped frame550Germanisches Nationalmuseum WI 5Wikidata
An Italian astrolabe slightly modified by Henricus de Hollandia in Paris548Germanisches Nationalmuseum WI 6Wikidata
A Low Countries (?) or German (?) astrolabe with a half quatrefoil on the solstitial bar of the rete461Ghent City Museum no. 455Wikidata
Astrolabe301Gonville and Caius College Wikidata
An astrolabe in the 'Fusoris' tradition197Gonville and Caius College AWikidata
Astrolabe3673Hermitage Museum VC940Wikidata
Peter the Great's AstrolabeHermitage Museum ЭРТх-1262Wikidata
Astrolabe592Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt Kg. 25:15Wikidata
A French astrolabe for Nevers4524Historical museum Frankfurt X 850Wikidata
The rete on the first astrolabe of ʿAbd al-Karīm al- Miṣrī7History of Science Museum Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 14542Wikidata
Quadratum or Astrolabe-Quadrant on a Square BoardHistory of Science Museum 14543Wikidata
Single Plate Universal AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 14645Wikidata
Astrolabe-QuadrantHistory of Science Museum 15598Wikidata
Lantern Slide Astrolabe ProjectionHistory of Science Museum 21423Wikidata
Pasteboard AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 25521Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 27191Wikidata
The Oxford AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 27786Wikidata
Astrolabe-QuadrantHistory of Science Museum 29345Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 30402Wikidata
Astrolabe QuadrantHistory of Science Museum 31514Wikidata
Universal AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 32378Wikidata
Astrolabe-QuadrantHistory of Science Museum 32534Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 33411Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 33474Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 33739Wikidata
Astrolabe3History of Science Museum 33767Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 33796Wikidata
Paper AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 34268Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 34314Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 34611Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 35082Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 35146Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 35313Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 35565Wikidata
Astrolabe ClockHistory of Science Museum 35592Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 36247Wikidata
Gothic Astrolabe2042History of Science Museum 36338Wikidata
Electrotype Facsimile of a Spanish Mariner's Astrolabe Probably from the Spanish ArmadaHistory of Science Museum 36441Wikidata
Astrolabe with Lunar Mansions103History of Science Museum 37148Wikidata
Dodecagonal AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 37297Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 37321Wikidata
Astrolabe149History of Science Museum 37527Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 37530Wikidata
Hispano-Moorish Astrolabe191History of Science Museum 37878Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 37940Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 38097Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 38235Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 38642Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 38862Wikidata
Astrolabe108History of Science Museum 39063Wikidata
Astrolabe192History of Science Museum 39540Wikidata
Fake? Astrolabe and SundialHistory of Science Museum 39887Wikidata
Astrolabe1222History of Science Museum 39955Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 40330Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 40407Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 40443Wikidata
Modern Plastic AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 40670Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 40744Wikidata
Astrolabe169History of Science Museum 40829Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 40833Wikidata
Fake? Persian AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 41106Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 41110Wikidata
Astrolabe with Universal Projection139, 139History of Science Museum 41122Wikidata
Astrolabe30History of Science Museum 41261Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 41409Wikidata
The Oxford AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 41427Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 41460Wikidata
Middle Gothic Astrolabe168History of Science Museum 41468Wikidata
Astrolabe PlateHistory of Science Museum 41524Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 41763Wikidata
Fake? Astrological AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 41951Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 42223Wikidata
Fake? AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 42437Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 42649Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 42680Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 42730Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 43148Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 43415Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 43454Wikidata
Hispano-Moorish Astrolabe166History of Science Museum 43504Wikidata
Astrolabe28History of Science Museum 43559Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 43704Wikidata
Astrolabe1001History of Science Museum 43739Wikidata
Astrolabe129History of Science Museum 44141Wikidata
Geographical AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 44359Wikidata
Paper AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 44745Wikidata
Astrolabe and Astrological Volvelle170History of Science Museum 45127Wikidata
Early Gothic Astrolabe Rete294History of Science Museum 45133Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 45220Wikidata
Hispano-Moorish Astrolabe2041History of Science Museum 45307Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 45365Wikidata
Astronomical CompendiumHistory of Science Museum 45366Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 45509Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 45581Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 45747Wikidata
Astrolabe of Philis de DinHistory of Science Museum 45975Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 46680Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 46681Wikidata
Astrolabe Mater248History of Science Museum 46769Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 46836Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 46886Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 46935Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 47063Wikidata
Astrolabe with Astronomical VolvelleHistory of Science Museum 47367Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 47376Wikidata
Gothic Astrolabe2043History of Science Museum 47615Wikidata
Astrolabe1026History of Science Museum 47632Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 47657Wikidata
Late Gothic Astrolabe163History of Science Museum 47674Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 47714Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 47792Wikidata
The Painswick Astrolabe299History of Science Museum 47869Wikidata
Gothic AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 47901Wikidata
Astrolabe with Geared Calendar5History of Science Museum 48213Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 48380Wikidata
Rete of a Syro-Egyptian Astrolabe2529History of Science Museum 48470Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 48701Wikidata
Paper AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 48821Wikidata
Astrolabe MaterHistory of Science Museum 48892Wikidata
Hispano-Moorish Astrolabe300History of Science Museum 49033Wikidata
Paper AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 49296Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 49300Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 49359Wikidata
Astrolabe194History of Science Museum 49636Wikidata
Spherical AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 49687Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 49726Wikidata
Astrolabe and EquatoriumHistory of Science Museum 49847Wikidata
Astrolabe107History of Science Museum 49861Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 50059Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 50122Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 50143Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 50180Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 50257Wikidata
Gothic AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 50769Wikidata
Astrolabe with Universal Lamina3579History of Science Museum 50853Wikidata
Astrolabe130History of Science Museum 50934Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 50987Wikidata
Astrolabe2505History of Science Museum 51182Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 51459Wikidata
Universal AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 51786Wikidata
Linear AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 51934Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 52066Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 52209Wikidata
Astrolabe TemplateHistory of Science Museum 52332Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 52399Wikidata
Astrolabe2527History of Science Museum 52473Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 52478Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 52528Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 52713Wikidata
Gothic Astrolabe with Universal Projection and Toothed Rete2044History of Science Museum 52869Wikidata
Geographical AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 53211Wikidata
Astrolabe2537, 2537History of Science Museum 53307Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 53556Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 53558Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 53637Wikidata
Astrolabe196History of Science Museum 53801Wikidata
Geographical AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 53966Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 54063Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 54193Wikidata
Mariner's AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 54253Wikidata
Late Gothic Astrolabe410History of Science Museum 54330Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 54424Wikidata
Modern Fake Persian-type AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 54545Wikidata
AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 54607Wikidata
Astrolabe QuadrantHistory of Science Museum 54673Wikidata
Printed Paper Astrolabe (Hand-Coloured)History of Science Museum 54843Wikidata
Astrolabe118History of Science Museum 55331Wikidata
The Oxford AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 58805Wikidata
The Oxford AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 75059Wikidata
Horse for a Persian Astrolabe - Modern ReplacementHistory of Science Museum 85861Wikidata
Astrolabe PlateHistory of Science Museum 88453Wikidata
Model of a Mariner's AstrolabeHistory of Science Museum 88604Wikidata
Manuscript Astrolabe403History of Science Museum 91897Wikidata
AstrolabeHoughton Library 32044096338637Wikidata
Astrolabe16Indian Museum Wikidata
Astrolabe with a 'counter-ecliptic' frame on the rete1068Instituto Valencia of Don Juan Wikidata
An astrolabe reworked by a European with maker's name and date obliterated1069Instituto Valencia of Don Juan Wikidata
An astrolabe3501Islamic Antiquities Museum of Kuwait LNS 36MWikidata
Astrolabe3601Israeli National Maritime Museum Wikidata
Astrolabe4156Israeli National Maritime Museum Wikidata
Astrolabe4152Israeli National Maritime Museum 4447 MMWikidata
Astrolabe4508Istanbul Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam 002Wikidata
Astrolabe4053Istanbul Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam 1Wikidata
Two replacement plates on an astrolabe4050Istanbul Naval Museum Wikidata
An additional plate on an unsigned Maghribi astrolabe4051Istanbul Naval Museum Wikidata
Astrolabe4050Istanbul Naval Museum 264Wikidata
Astrolabe4051Istanbul Naval Museum 265Wikidata
Astrolabe3906J. Kugel Gallery Wikidata
Astrolabe of Hans DornJagiellonian University Wikidata
A North Italian mater later fitted with a rete and plates643Jagiellonian University Museum Wikidata
A 'Fusoris-type' astrolabe568Jagiellonian University Museum Wikidata
An unsigned Andalusian astrolabe with later inscriptions in Catalan3622Jagiellonian University Museum 4037 - 35/VWikidata
An organum Ptolemei on the back of an astrolabic plate attached to an unsigned celestial sphere4510Jagiellonian University Museum 4039 - 37/VWikidata
Astrolabe642Jagiellonian University Museum 4040 - 38/VWikidata
A composite astrolabe with an earlier North Italian mater and a 'Regiomontanus-typeB' rete and plates643Jagiellonian University Museum 4042-40/VWikidata
An Italian mater, later fitted with a 'Regiomontanus-type-B' rete and plates and eventually owned by Ioannus Broscius643Jagiellonian University Museum 4042lWikidata
Astrolabe made for Ludolf de Scicte of Einbeck2072Jagiellonian University Museum 41/VWikidata
Astrolabe with equatorial ring on the rete567Jagiellonian University Museum 65/DWikidata
Mater4115Kandilli Observatory Wikidata
A replacement rete and plate4101Kandilli Observatory 1Wikidata
A mater and plates4101Kandilli Observatory 1Wikidata
Astrolabe4110Kandilli Observatory 10Wikidata
Astrolabe4111Kandilli Observatory 11Wikidata
Astrolabe4112Kandilli Observatory 12Wikidata
Astrolabe4113Kandilli Observatory 13Wikidata
Astrolabe4114Kandilli Observatory 14Wikidata
Astrolabe4102Kandilli Observatory 2Wikidata
A replacement rete and two plates for an astrolabe4104Kandilli Observatory 4Wikidata
Astrolabe3705Kandilli Observatory 5Wikidata
Astrolabe3712Kandilli Observatory 7Wikidata
Astrolabe4108Kandilli Observatory 8Wikidata
Astrolabe2709Kasbah of the Udayas Wikidata
Astrolabe609Lüneburger Museum Wikidata
Astrolabe142Maps and Plans Department of the BnF Wikidata
Undated astrolabe by Aḥmad ibn Khalaf99Maps and Plans Department of the BnF GE A 324Wikidata
Astrolabe for latitudes from 42° to 49° NorthMaps and Plans Department of the BnF GE A-331Wikidata
AstrolabeMaritime Museum S.1565Wikidata
The mater and plates of a 'Fusoris-type' astrolabe3084Maritime Museum of Barcelona 237Wikidata
astrolabe by Johannes PraetoriusMathematisch-Physikalischer Salon C II 3Wikidata
An English mater with plates for the climates303Merton College Wikidata
Astrolabic plate297Merton College Wikidata
Astrolabe of ‘Umar ibn Yusuf ibn ‘Umar ibn ‘Ali ibn Rasul al-Muzaffari109, 109Metropolitan Museum of Art 91.1.535Wikidata
Astrolabe of ‘Umar ibn Yusuf ibn ‘Umar ibn ‘Ali ibn Rasul al-Muzaffari109, 109Metropolitan Museum of Art 91.1.535a–hWikidata
AstrolabeMilwaukee Art Museum M1991.100Wikidata
An astrolabe in the 'Fusoris' tradition4528Museo Civico dell’Età Cristiana 11 S.S.Wikidata
Astrolabe2Museo Civico dell’Età Cristiana 36Wikidata
Astrolabe of Thomas GeminiMuseo Galileo 1093Wikidata
Astrolabe of Charles WhitwellMuseo Galileo 1095Wikidata
An unsigned astrolabe dated 1483, fitted with an organum Ptolemei and an eclipse calculator492Museo Galileo 1096Wikidata
An astrolabe122Museo Galileo 1105Wikidata
An Italian astrolabe with two short upper bars479Museo Galileo 1106Wikidata
Astrolabe493Museo Galileo 1107Wikidata
Astrolabe1077Museo Galileo 1109Wikidata
Astrolabe with a shakkāziyya grid on the back1078Museo Galileo 1112Wikidata
An unsigned undated Abbasid astrolabe with later additions by a European ('Astrolabe of Pope Sylvester II')101Museo Galileo 1113Wikidata
A rete and a plate3901Museo Storico Navale 2094Wikidata
Astrolabe with inscriptions in Gothic and ArabicMuseum Aan de Stroom AS.1943.009.127Wikidata
Astrolabe534Museum Boerhaave 10421 (=A72)Wikidata
Astrolabe536Museum Boerhaave MBL 3102Wikidata
Astrolabe536Museum Boerhaave V03102Wikidata
Planispheric astrolabeMuseum of Fine Arts of Lyon 1966-1Wikidata
An astrolabe with an equatorial ring on the rete3053Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 88.654Wikidata
A replacement rete and plates for the Cairo astrolabe of Ḥāmid ibn ʿAlī3713Museum of Islamic Art Wikidata
AstrolabeMuseum of Islamic Art Wikidata
An undated mater (with various Mamluk Egyptian additions)1130Museum of Islamic Art 15351Wikidata
A mater with an illegible date with a replacement rete and plates3713Museum of Islamic Art 15352Wikidata
A somewhat degenerate, unfinished, unsigned, undated [late Mamluk], shakkāziyya plate bearing an invocation to the saint Sayyid ʿAbd al-Qādir alKīlānī4165Museum of Islamic Art 15358Wikidata
Astrolabe12Museum of Islamic Art 15360Wikidata
Astrolabe1131Museum of Islamic Art 15362Wikidata
An unsigned undated Mamluk astrolabe4164Museum of Islamic Art 15368Wikidata
Astrolabe1148Museum of Islamic Art 15371Wikidata
Astrolabe1136Museum of Islamic Art 4295Wikidata
An anomalous late-15th-century German astrolabe exhibiting French influence601Museum of Köln city L 181Wikidata
Byzantine markings on an Abbasid plate109Museum of Modern Art Wikidata
Astrolabe457Museum of Walloon Life Wikidata
Astrolabe1064Museum of Walloon Life 37Wikidata
An astrolabe121Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel A38Wikidata
A 'Fusoris-type' astrolabe without an upper frame on the rete598Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel A39Wikidata
Astrolabe1090Musée Paul-Dupuy 18.088Wikidata
Astrolabe4046Musée d'Art et d'Histoire Wikidata
A mater4041Musée d'histoire des sciences de la Ville de Genève 1051Wikidata
Astrolabe-MHS 1711Musée d'histoire des sciences de la Ville de Genève MHS 1711Wikidata
Planispheric astrolabeMusée du quai Branly 74.1963.6.1Wikidata
Astrolabe4045Musée ducal de Bouillon Wikidata
Astrolabe530Musée historique de Strasbourg IL 74Wikidata
Astrolabe1067National Archaeological Museum of Spain Wikidata
Astrolabe117National Archaeological Museum of Spain Wikidata
Astrolabe of al-SahlîNational Archaeological Museum of Spain 50762Wikidata
A fake Astrolabe1033National Maritime Museum 36-13.A8Wikidata
A French astrolabe for the upper climates420National Maritime Museum 39.693.A43Wikidata
A fake Astrolabe1030National Maritime Museum A.6-26.iiWikidata
Astrolabe1031National Maritime Museum A.6-26.iiWikidata
Astrolabe1040National Maritime Museum A15/36-15CWikidata
Astrolabe1042National Maritime Museum A17-36.17Wikidata
A Catalan astrolabe with a V-shaped frame on the rete416National Maritime Museum A21/NA36-21cWikidata
An unusual astrolabic plate4133National Maritime Museum A26/NA36-8CWikidata
The 'Thornoe' astrolabe337National Maritime Museum A34/36-28CWikidata
The 'Thornoe' astrolabe337National Maritime Museum A34/NA38-1661CWikidata
Astrolabe428National Maritime Museum A39/NA38-1661CWikidata
Astrolabe430National Maritime Museum A41/39-784CWikidata
Astrolabe431National Maritime Museum A43/NA39-693cWikidata
A French astrolabe with an additional plate for England3058National Maritime Museum A60/NA66-12.Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Maritime Museum AST0532Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Maritime Museum AST0535Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Maritime Museum AST0548Wikidata
Composite astrolabeNational Maritime Museum AST0554Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Maritime Museum AST0566Wikidata
The Caird AstrolabeNational Maritime Museum AST0570Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Maritime Museum AST0579Wikidata
An astrolabe with a simplified 'Regiomontanus-type-A'4501National Museum Kraków XIII/753.Wikidata
Astrolabe4043National Museum in Damascus 15228Wikidata
Astrolabe2571National Museum of American History Wikidata
A single plate2572National Museum of American History Wikidata
Astrolabe57National Museum of American History Wikidata
A rete2572National Museum of American History Wikidata
Mariner's Astrolabe (replica)National Museum of American History 14.2012.52Wikidata
Parts of an astrolabe, with a replacement rete bearing Hebrew inscriptions2572National Museum of American History 318178Wikidata
An English zoomorphic astrolabe2006National Museum of American History 318198Wikidata
A mater and plates4001National Museum of American History 330779Wikidata
Persian Planispheric AstrolabeNational Museum of American History CCA40Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.316750Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.316751Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.316752Wikidata
Astrolabe3643National Museum of American History MA.316753Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.316754Wikidata
Astrolabe70National Museum of American History MA.316755Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.316756Wikidata
Astrolabe186National Museum of American History MA.316757Wikidata
Parnel's astrolabe304National Museum of American History MA.316758Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.316759Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.316760Wikidata
Persian Planispheric AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.316761Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.316762Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.316763Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.316764Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.316765Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.316766Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.316767Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.316768Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.316769Wikidata
Astrolabe2567National Museum of American History MA.316770Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.333586Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.333587Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.333588Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.333589Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.333590Wikidata
Mariner's AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.333939Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.336112Wikidata
Astrolabe15National Museum of American History MA.336113Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.336114Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.336115Wikidata
AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.336116Wikidata
Hartman's Planispheric AstrolabeNational Museum of American History MA.336117Wikidata
Astrolabe3552National Museum of Capodimonte 4991Wikidata
Astrolabe3551National Museum of Capodimonte 4994Wikidata
Astrolabe1211National Museum of Iran 148Wikidata
A late (Ottoman ?) astrolabe3702National Museum of Iraq 9723Wikidata
A replacement rete from Iraq or Iran3650National Museum of Scotland Wikidata
The 'Fusoris-type' astrolabe of Robert Gordon of Straloch3082National Museum of Scotland T.1947.27Wikidata
A mater and plates (with a later Eastern Islamic rete)3650National Museum of Scotland T1959-62Wikidata
Astrolabe645National Palace Museum of Korea Wikidata
An unsigned 15th-century (?) Dutch astrolabe in imitation of the style of the Nuremberg astrolabe 'signed' by Henricus de Hollandia566National Technical Museum 2287Wikidata
Astrolabe with a ṣafīḥa shakkāziyya on the back4044National Watch and Clock Museum 1935Wikidata
Astrolabe1066Naval Museum of Madrid 1503Wikidata
A 'Fusoris-type' astrolabe with rete and plates reworked by an Egyptian or a Syrian in the 19th (?) century460Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum A.S. 43.9.127Wikidata
A late, undigned Egyptian astrolabe1065Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum A.S. 54.11.36.Wikidata
A 'Fusoris-type' astrolabe4527Nordic Museum Wikidata
astrolabeObservatoire Midi-Pyrénées 178Wikidata
Astrolabe124Observatory of Strasbourg D53aWikidata
Astrolabic plate296Oriel College Wikidata
Astrolabe3203Palazzo Madama 3401/922B.Wikidata
Astrolabe6Paris Observatory Wikidata
An unsigned, undated astrolabe with an unusual rete3096Peabody Essex Museum M 10977Wikidata
An unsigned, undated astrological plate for latitude [unknown] and an equatorium4511Pinacoteca Ambrosiana Wikidata
An early Italian astrolabe with a bowlshaped frame4554Pinacoteca Ambrosiana Wikidata
An unsigned Italian astrolabe with a thistleshaped frame on the rete4557Pinacoteca Ambrosiana Wikidata
AstrolabePinacoteca Ambrosiana TOMBA FIGS 1/2.Wikidata
Astrolabic clock4042Quaraouyine Mosque Wikidata
Astrolabe136Real Academia de la Historia Wikidata
Astrolabe132Real Academia de la Historia Wikidata
Astrolabe with a shakkāziyya -type projection for latitude 30°134Red Fort Archaeological Museum Wikidata
A late-13th-century unsigned Andalusian / Maghribi astrolabe - 'The Imola astrolabe'Rome Observatory Wikidata
Astrolabe123Rome Observatory 157/688Wikidata
A ṣafīḥa zarqālliyya1071Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona Wikidata
Astrolabe476Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona Wikidata
An Italian astrolabe503Royal Geographical Society Wikidata
A mater and plates1063Royal Museums of Art and History D. 250Wikidata
An astrolabe with a replacement quatrefoil rete627Salzburg Museum K430/49Wikidata
Astrolabe293Science Museum Wikidata
A replacement rete and plate for an unsigned Abbasid astrolabe4022Science Museum Wikidata
European astrolabeScience Museum 1878-11Wikidata
European astrolabe, 1548Science Museum 1880-25Wikidata
European astrolabe, 1320-1330Science Museum 1880-26Wikidata
Planispheric astrolabeScience Museum 1880-27Wikidata
European astrolabe, 1295-1305198Science Museum 1880-32Wikidata
European astrolabe, 1425-1435247Science Museum 1880-49Wikidata
European astrolabe, 1570Science Museum 1938-425Wikidata
Islamic astrolabe, 1645-1655Science Museum 1938-427Wikidata
European astrolabe, 1495-1505107Science Museum 1938-428Wikidata
European astrolabe, 1645-16551057Science Museum 1951-287Wikidata
'Oxford' Astrolabe with celluloid rete designed by Professor Jenkin 1925Science Museum 1952-152Wikidata
Islamic astrolabe, 1145-1155Science Museum 1952-225Wikidata
Islamic astrolabe, 1605-1606Science Museum 1952-226Wikidata
European astrolabe,1650Science Museum 1952-444Wikidata
Astrolabe1059Science Museum 1952.226Wikidata
Islamic astrolabe, 1601-1699Science Museum 1963-264Wikidata
Hindu astrolabeScience Museum 1980-1191Wikidata
Islamic astrolabe4022Science Museum 1981-1380Wikidata
Islamic astrolabe, 1849Science Museum 1982-777Wikidata
Hindu astrolabe commissioned at JaipurScience Museum 1983-1492Wikidata
Star and sundial, Dutch, 1681Science Museum 1984-675Wikidata
Islamic astrolabeScience Museum 1985-2077/1Wikidata
Islamic astrolabe, 1701-1800Science Museum 1986-1190Wikidata
Hindu astrolabeScience Museum 1987-541Wikidata
Hindu astrolabe, 1800-1899Science Museum 1990-605Wikidata
Planispheric astrolabe, 1572Science Museum A629481Wikidata
AstrolabeSkokloster Castle 10552Wikidata
A Catalan astrolabe with a rectangular frame inside the ecliptic on the rete162Society of Antiquaries of London Cat. 559Wikidata
Astrolabe151Società Ligure di Storia Patria Wikidata
Astrolabe625St Peter's Archabbey Wikidata
Astrolabe626St Peter's Archabbey Wikidata
Astrolabe1100Technisches Museum Wien 15144Wikidata
An additional plate on the astrolabe of Ḥasan ibn ʿUmar al-Naqqāsh4036Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum Wikidata
An astrolabe with Arabic and Coptic inscriptions4036Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum Wikidata
Astrolabe1177Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum T2952Wikidata
A mater and plates1168Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum T2953Wikidata
Astrolabe4151Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum T2970Wikidata
A single plate4151Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum T2970Wikidata
Astrolabe4052Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum T2971Wikidata
Astrolabe4546Tyrolean State Museum 2957Wikidata
Parts of an astrolabe illustrated in a 16th-century Italian drawing4030Uffizi Wikidata
An Italian astrolabe with a pair of crossed sabre-shaped star-pointers on the rete2062University History Museum, University of Pavia Wikidata
Northern astrolabeUniversity of Strasbourg IM67014719Wikidata
Moroccan astrolabeUniversity of Strasbourg IM67014720Wikidata
A ṣafīḥa zarqālliyya102Victoria and Albert Museum 504,1888Wikidata
An astrolabic plate190Victoria and Albert Museum M.128-1923Wikidata
The rete on the astrolabe of al-Ḥusayn ibn1204Whipple Museum of the History of Science Wikidata
An astrolabe plate1204Whipple Museum of the History of Science Wikidata
Astrolabe1188Whipple Museum of the History of Science Wikidata
A late Italian astrolabe with a bowl-shaped upper frame on the rete576Whipple Museum of the History of Science 1263Wikidata
Astrolabe1204Whipple Museum of the History of Science 1759Wikidata
Astrolabe1186Whipple Museum of the History of Science 1760Wikidata
Astrolabe407Whipple Museum of the History of Science 999Wikidata
An Franco-Italian astrolabe4522private collection Wikidata
Astrolabe4166private collection Wikidata
Astrolabe4132private collection Wikidata
Astrolabe580private collection Wikidata
Astrolabe4034private collection Wikidata
A ghost astrolabe3114private collection Wikidata
An astrolabe4private collection Wikidata
Astrolabe2708private collection Wikidata
Astrolabe4047private collection Wikidata
Astrolabe144private collection Wikidata
A mater4033private collection Wikidata
Astrolabe4518private collection Wikidata
Astrolabe546private collection Wikidata
The Berselius astrolabe202private collection Wikidata
The back of a 14th-century 'cosmopolitan' astrolabe4520private collection Wikidata
Astrolabe4523private collection Wikidata
A 'cosmopolitan' Italian astrolabe with a replacement plate from a Byzantine astrolabe and additional markings in Hebrew4509private collection Wikidata
A Maghribi astrolabe with Arabic inscriptions1122private collection Wikidata
Astrolabe452private collection Wikidata
An astrolabe111private collection Wikidata
A simplified 'Fusoris-type' astrolabe4526private collection Wikidata
A rete and rim with throne4148private collection Wikidata
A single plate from a Byzantine astrolabe4509private collection Wikidata
Astrolabe3660private collection Wikidata
An unusual astrolabic plate4150private collection Wikidata
A mater and rete and some plates to accommodate a set of 11th-century Andalusian plates4040private collection Wikidata
Some 11th-century Andalusian plates (in a composite Ottoman astrolabe)4040private collection Wikidata
An unfinished rete4149private collection Wikidata
An unsigned astrolabe with later additions on the blank side of the plate of the organum256private collection Wikidata
Astrolabe4125private collection Wikidata
Astrolabe1122private collection Wikidata
Astrolabe1218private collection Wikidata
A mater and plates4054private collection Wikidata
Astrolabe1203private collection 114Wikidata
A solitary Abbasid plate with ogival markings4021private collection 7/1983Wikidata
Imitation 'Fusoris-type' astrolabe4529present collection unknown Wikidata
An astrolabe by (or for) Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad ibn ʿAlī ibn Muḥammad3922present collection unknown Wikidata
A Franco-Italian astrolabe for the climates4512present collection unknown Wikidata
An undated astrolabe4180present collection unknown Wikidata
An undated ṣafīḥa zarqālliyya4026present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe4506present collection unknown Wikidata
The astrolabic part of a zīj al-ṣafā'iḥ3633present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe4516present collection unknown Wikidata
A North Italian astrolabic plate with a single trefoil on the rete4555present collection unknown Wikidata
A universal astrolabe in the tradition of ʿAlī ibn Khalaf dated 584 H mentioned in a medieval manuscript4039present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe633present collection unknown Wikidata
A ṣafīḥa shakkāziyya4028present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe4167present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe539present collection unknown Wikidata
A 'Fusoris-type' astrolabe4550present collection unknown Wikidata
Some European plates in the astrolabe of al-Sahl al-Nisaburi4533present collection unknown Wikidata
A French or English astrolabe with halfquatrefoils on the supports of the equatorial bar4517present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe4540present collection unknown Wikidata
An astrolabe with a latitude grid around the ecliptic on the rete and zodiacal figures on the back213present collection unknown Wikidata
An owner's mark in Hebrew script293present collection unknown Wikidata
A simplified 'Fusoris-type' astrolabe193Bpresent collection unknown Wikidata
Sir John Findlay's astrolabe238present collection unknown Wikidata
A debased trefoil Gothic astrolabe573present collection unknown Wikidata
A rete from a universal astrolabe4200present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe604present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe125present collection unknown Wikidata
A mater100present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe376present collection unknown Wikidata
An incompetently-made astrolabe in the al-Kirmānī tradition3628present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe4181present collection unknown Wikidata
Prof. Wilson's astrolabe67present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe4131present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe3543present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe4182present collection unknown Wikidata
An mater and rete4182present collection unknown Wikidata
A mater127present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe1147present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe3699present collection unknown Wikidata
An undated mater with a replacement Maghribi rete1179present collection unknown Wikidata
Marcel's Egyptian astrolabe1160present collection unknown Wikidata
Dr. Knuthsen's astrolabe3640present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe (Persian)1105present collection unknown Wikidata
A replacement rete for an Abbasid astrolabe1179present collection unknown Wikidata
An astrolabe of the 'Fusoris-type' reworked by a Syrian or Egyptian in the 19th century460present collection unknown Wikidata
Dorn's Aleppo astrolabe126present collection unknown Wikidata
An undated astrolabe1079present collection unknown Wikidata
An isolated plate4025present collection unknown Wikidata
A rete and plate4031present collection unknown Wikidata
An astrolabe with a rectangular frame inside the ecliptic on the rete3915present collection unknown Wikidata
An unsigned mater from a standard astrolabe4037present collection unknown Wikidata
A ṣafīḥa1081present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe148present collection unknown Wikidata
A Mater540present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe with unfinished rete4551present collection unknown Wikidata
Astrolabe with a rete1061present collection unknown Wikidata
Hebrew markings on Arabic plates in a composite astrolabe1072present collection unknown Wikidata
A solitary plate4025present collection unknown Wikidata
Two plates on an astrolabe144present collection unknown Wikidata
An astrolabe signed by Ioannus (Regiomontanus) and dedicated to Cardinal Bessarion640present collection unknown Wikidata
A French Astrolabepresent collection unknown Wikidata
A mater with a universal projection and constellation figures on the front and an albion on the backpresent collection unknown Wikidata
An astrolabe with a 'broken' half quatrefoilpresent collection unknown Wikidata
An astrolabe made of woodpresent collection unknown Wikidata
A fake Astrolabepresent collection unknown Wikidata
Three replacement plates for an astrolabe of al-Sarrājpresent collection unknown Wikidata
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