brassalloy of copper and zinc547 items
silverchemical element with atomic number 4731 items
goldchemical element with symbol Au and atomic number of 79; a yellow metal30 items
copperchemical element with the atomic number of 2921 items
woodfibrous material from trees or other plants17 items
paperthin, flexible material mainly used for writing upon, printing upon, drawing or for packaging14 items
bronzemetal alloy8 items
plasticmaterial of a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic organic solids7 items
card stockpaper, thicker and more durable than normal writing or printing paper6 items
aluminummetallic element of silvery appearance and low density4 items
cardboardheavy-duty paper of various strengths4 items
boardart medium3 items
boxwoodtype of wood3 items
glassamorphous solid that exhibits a glass transition when heated towards the liquid state3 items
mahoganywood2 items
silkfine, lustrous, natural fiber produced by the larvae of various silk moths, especially the species Bombyx mori2 items
stonerock; building material2 items
vellumparchment made from calf skin2 items
copper alloymetal alloy with copper as its principal component1 item
ebonywood1 item
ivorymaterial derived from the tusks and teeth of animals1 item
leadchemical element with atomic number 821 item
steelalloy made by combining iron and other elements1 item
walnut woodtype of wood1 item
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