Glagolita Clozianus

Клоцов сборникЗбірник КлоцаСборник КлоцаFragmenty ClozaKločev glagoljašКлоцов зборник

Language: Old Church Slavonic

Collection: Tyrolean State Museum

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The Glagolita Clozianus is a 14-folio Glagolitic Old Church Slavonic canon miscellany, written in the eleventh century. What remained of an originally very large codex, having probably 552 folios (1104 pages), are 14 folios containing five homilies. Two of the homilies are complete; one by John Chrysostom and one by Athanasius of Alexandria, and three of them are fragments, one by John Chrysostom, one by Epiphanius of Salamis and one that is usually attributed to Methodius. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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