Ambrosian Iliad

Ilias PictaIlias AmbrosianaΑμβροσιανή ΙλιάςIliade ambrosienne盎博罗削伊利亚特Амбразіянская Іліяда

Language: Ancient Greek

Collection: Biblioteca Ambrosiana

Material: parchment

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The Ambrosian Iliad or Ilias Picta (Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Cod. F. 205 Inf.) is a 5th-century illuminated manuscript on vellum, and depicts the entirety of Homer's Iliad, including battle scenes and noble scenes. The Ambrosian Iliad is considered unique due to being the only set of ancient illustrations that depict scenes from the Iliad, and it is seen as an example of the transition from Greek oral tradition to the written word. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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