Codex Boreelianus

Evangeliorum fragmenta. UBU Hs. 1 (Hs 1 A 7).UBU Hs. 1 (Hs 1 A 7)Hs. 1 (Hs 1 A 7)Codex Boreelianus Rheno-TrajectinusΒορελιανός ΚώδικαςБорилианский кодексБореліанський кодекс

Language: Ancient Greek

Collection: Utrecht University Library

Material: vellum

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Codex Boreelianus, Codex Boreelianus Rheno-Trajectinus (full name), designated by Fe or 09 in the Gregory-Aland numbering and ε 86 in von Soden numbering, is a 9th (or 10th) century uncial manuscript of the four Gospels in Greek. The manuscript, written on parchment, is full of lacunae (or gaps), many of which arose between 1751 and 1830. The codex was named Boreelianus after Johannes Boreel (1577–1629), who brought it from the East. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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