Codex Mendoza

Codex MandozaКодекс Мендоса曼多撒手抄本Códice MendozaKodeks MendozaMendoza āmoxtliCodice MendozaMendoza-kodeksenكودكس مندوزاCòdex MendozaMendozův kodexメンドーサの絵文書Kodekso Mendoza

Language: Spanish, Nahuatl

Collection: Bodleian Library, MS. Arch. Selden A. 1

Material: paper

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The Codex Mendoza is an Aztec codex, created between 1529 and 1553 and perhaps circa 1541. It contains a history of the Aztec rulers and their conquests, a list of the tribute paid by the conquered, and a description of daily Aztec life, in traditional Aztec pictograms with Spanish explanations and commentary. It is named after Don Antonio de Mendoza, then the viceroy of New Spain, who may have commissioned it, possibly with the intent that it be seen by Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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