Codex Mendoza

Codex MandozaКодекс Мендоса曼多撒手抄本Códice MendozaKodeks MendozaMendoza āmoxtliCodice MendozaMendoza-kodeksenكودكس مندوزاCòdex MendozaMendozův kodexメンドーサの絵文書Kodekso Mendozaدفترنامه مندوزا

Language: Spanish, Nahuatl

Collection: Bodleian Library, MS. Arch. Selden A. 1

Material: paper

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The Codex Mendoza is an Aztec codex, believed to have been created around the year 1541. It contains a history of both the Aztec rulers and their conquests as well as a description of the daily life of pre-conquest Aztec society. The codex is written in the Nahuatl language utilizing traditional Aztec pictograms with a translation and explanation of the text provided in Spanish. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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