Codex Zographensis

Зографское ЕвангелиеЗографско четвероевангелиеKodeks ZografskiЗографско јеванђељеЗографське ЄвангелієΚώδιξ ΖωγράφουꙀографьска кънигаЗографско евангелие

Language: Old Church Slavonic

Collection: National Library of Russia

Material: parchment

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The Codex Zographensis (or Tetraevangelium Zographense; scholarly abbreviation Zo) is an illuminated Old Church Slavonic canon manuscript. It is composed of 304 parchment folios; the first 288 are written in Glagolitic containing Gospels and organised as Tetraevangelium (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), and the rest written in Cyrillic containing a 13th-century synaxarium. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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