Book of the Dean of Lismore

Leabhar Deathan Lios MòirLeabhar Deadhan Lios Móirリズモア司祭の書

Collection: National Library of Scotland

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The Book of the Dean of Lismore (Scottish Gaelic: Leabhar Deathan Lios Mòir) is a famous Scottish manuscript, compiled in eastern Perthshire in the first half of the 16th century. The chief compiler, after whom it is named, was James MacGregor (Seumas MacGriogair), vicar of Fortingall and titular Dean of Lismore Cathedral, although there are other probable scribes, including his brother Donnchadh and William Drummond (Uileam Druimeanach), curate of Fortingall. It should not be confused with the similarly named Book of Lismore, an Irish manuscript from the early 15th century. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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