Vindolanda tablets

Tabulae VindolandensesVindolandaj tabuletojТаблички из ВиндоландыTablettes de VindolandaTablillas de VindolandaTăblițele de la Vindolandatauletes de VindolandaТаблички з ВіндоландиPlacas de VindolandaՎինդոլանդայի տախտակներVindolandako oholtxoakVindolanda-Tafelnভিন্ডোল্যান্ডা ফলক文德蘭達木版文德兰达木版Tabliczki z VindolandyTablet VindolandaTavolette di VindolandaVindolandské tabulky

Language: Latin

Collection: British Museum

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The Vindolanda tablets were, at the time of their discovery, the oldest surviving handwritten documents in Britain (they have now been antedated by the Bloomberg tablets). They are a rich source of information about life on the northern frontier of Roman Britain. Written on fragments of thin, post-card sized wooden leaf-tablets with carbon-based ink, the tablets date to the 1st and 2nd centuries AD (roughly contemporary with Hadrian's Wall). (continued on English Wikipedia)

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