Bald's Leechbook

Medicinale AnglicumRoyal MS 12 D XVIIBritish Library, Royal MS 12 D XVIIBL Royal 12.D.xviiBalds legebokBald’s Leechbook

Language: Latin, Old English

Collection: British Library, Royal MS 12 D XVII

Material: parchment

Bald's Leechbook (also known as Medicinale Anglicum) is an Old English medical text probably compiled in the ninth century, possibly under the influence of Alfred the Great's educational reforms.It takes its name from a Latin verse colophon at the end of the second book, which begins Bald habet hunc librum Cild quem conscribere iussit, meaning "Bald owns this book which he ordered Cild to compile." The term leechbook is a modernisation of the Old English word lǣce-bōc ('book of medical prescriptions', literally Old English lǣce 'medical doctor' + bōc).The text survives in only one manuscript, London, British Library Royal MS 12 D XVII. The manuscript contains one further medical text, called Leechbook III, which is also included herein. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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