Peterborough Chronicle

Chronicle of EnglandLaud manuscriptE manuscriptAnglo-Saxon Chronicle manuscript EChronicon PetroburgenseCrônica de PeterboroughKroniko di PeterboroughChronique de PeterboroughCrónica de PeterboroughCronaca di PeterboroughPeterborough-krøniken彼得伯勒紀事ピーターバラ本Sejarah Peterborough

Language: Old English

Collection: Bodleian Library, MS. Laud Misc. 636

Material: parchment

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The Peterborough Chronicle (also called the Laud manuscript and the E manuscript), one of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, contains unique information about the history of England after the Norman Conquest. According to philologist J.A.W. Bennett, it is the only prose history in English between the Conquest and the later 14th century. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles were composed and maintained between the various monasteries of Anglo-Saxon England and were an attempt to record the history of Britain throughout the years AD. Typically the chronicles began with the birth of Christ, went through Biblical and Roman history, then continued to the present. (continued on English Wikipedia)

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