White Book of Rhydderch

Peniarth MS 4Weißes Buch des RhydderchLevr Gwenn RhydderchLlyfr Gwyn RhydderchLivre blanc de RhydderchLibro Branco de Rhydderchルゼルフの白本Witte boek van RhydderchБелая Книга РидерхаБіла Книга РидерхаLibro bianco di RhydderchLibro Blanco de RhydderchBiała Księga z Rhydderch레데르흐의 백색서

Language: Welsh

Collection: National Library of Wales

Material: parchment; ink

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The White Book of Rhydderch (Welsh: Llyfr Gwyn Rhydderch, National Library of Wales, Peniarth MS 4-5) is one of the most notable and celebrated surviving manuscripts in Welsh. Mostly written in southwest Wales in the middle of the 14th century (c. 1350) it is the earliest collection of Welsh prose texts, though it also contains some examples of early Welsh poetry. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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