St. Florian's Psalter

Florianer PsalterPsałterz floriańskiФлорианская псалтырьФлоріанський псалтирSalterio de Sankt FlorianSaltiri de Sankt Florian

Language: Latin, Polish

Collection: National Library of Poland

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The Sankt Florian Psalter or Saint Florian Psalter (Latin: Psalterium florianense or Psalterium trilingue, German: Florianer Psalter or Florianspsalter, Polish: Psałterz floriański or Psałterz św. Jadwigi) is a brightly illuminated trilingual manuscript psalter, written between late 14th and early 15th centuries in Latin, Polish and German. The Polish text is the oldest known translation of the Book of Psalms into that language. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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