Gospel of Jesus' Wife

Евангелие от жены ИисусаEwangelia żony JezusaEvangelium Ježíšovy ženyJeesuksen vaimon evankeliumiEvangelium der Frau JesuVangelo della moglie di GesùEvangelio de la esposa de JesúsInjil Istri YesusÉvangile de la femme de JésusEvanghelia soției lui Iisusمسیح کی بیوی کی انجیل예수의 아내의 복음서Evangelho da esposa de Jesusإنجيل زوجة المسيحEvangelio laŭ la Edzino de Jesuoიესოს ცოლის სახარება

Language: Coptic

Collection: private collection

Material: papyrus

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The Gospel of Jesus' Wife is a papyrus fragment with Coptic text that includes the words, "Jesus said to them, 'my wife...'". The text received widespread attention when first publicized in 2012 for the implication that some early Christians believed that Jesus was married. The fragment was first presented by Harvard Divinity School Professor Karen L. King, who suggested that the papyrus contained a fourth-century Coptic translation of a gospel likely composed in Greek in the late second century. (continued on English Wikipedia)

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