Codex Atlanticus

大西洋古抄本Kodeks AtlantyckiАтлантический кодексCódice AtlánticoCòdex AtlanticoАтлантичний кодекс Леонардо да ВінчіCodice Atlanticoمخطوطة أتلانتيكسقوانین آتلانتیکАтлантски кодекс

Language: Italian

Collection: Biblioteca Ambrosiana

Material: paper

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The Codex Atlanticus (Atlantic Codex) is a twelve-volume, bound set of drawings and writings (in Italian) by Leonardo da Vinci, the largest such set; its name indicates the large paper used to preserve original da Vinci notebook pages, which was that used for atlases. It comprises 1,119 leaves dating from 1478 to 1519, the contents covering a great variety of subjects, from flight to weaponry to musical instruments and from mathematics to botany. This codex was gathered by the sculptor Pompeo Leoni, son of Leone Leoni, in the late 16th century, who dismembered some of Leonardo's notebooks in its formation. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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