Egerton Gospel

Evangelio EgertonPapyrus Egerton 2Papir Egerton 2Egertonin evankeliumiVangelo Egertonإنجيل إجرتونEgerton 2-papyrusenEvangelho de EgertonPapirus Egerton 2

Language: Ancient Greek

Collection: British Library, P. Lond. Christ. 1, P. Egerton 2

Material: papyrus

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The Egerton Gospel (British Library Egerton Papyrus 2) refers to a collection of three papyrus fragments of a codex of a previously unknown gospel, found in Egypt and sold to the British Museum in 1934; the physical fragments are now dated to the very end of the 2nd century CE. Together they comprise one of the oldest surviving witnesses to any gospel, or any codex. The British Museum lost no time in publishing the text: acquired in the summer of 1934, it was in print in 1935. It is also called the Unknown Gospel, as no ancient source makes reference to it, in addition to being entirely unknown before its publication. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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