The Mulliner Book

Mulliner BookКнига Муллинера

Collection: British Library

The Mulliner Book (British Library Additional Manuscript 30513) is a historically important musical commonplace book compiled, probably between about 1545 and 1570, by Thomas Mulliner, about whom practically nothing is known, except that he figures in 1563 as modulator organorum (organist) of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. He is believed to have previously resided in London, where John Heywood inscribed the title page of the manuscript Sum liber thomas mullineri / iohanne heywoode teste. ('I am Thomas Mulliner's book, with John Heywood as witness.') A later annotation on the same page states that: T. Mulliner was Master of St Pauls school, but this has so far proved unsupportable. The provenance of the MS is unknown before it appears in the library of John Stafford Smith in 1776. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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