Papyrus Harris I

Papiro Harris I哈里斯大纸莎草哈里斯大紙莎草Papirus Harris IHarris Papiroa Iפפירוס האריס אPapyrus HarrisPapir Harris IHarris 1-papyrusenPapiro HarrisПапирус ХаррисаПапірус Гарріса大ハリス・パピルスPapiru Harris I

Language: hieratic

Collection: British Library, EA9999

Material: papyrus

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Papyrus Harris I is also known as the Great Harris Papyrus and (less accurately) simply the Harris Papyrus (though there are a number of other papyri in the Harris collection). Its technical designation is Papyrus British Museum EA 9999. At 41 metres long, it is "the longest known papyrus from Egypt, with some 1,500 lines of text." It was found in a tomb near Medinet Habu, across the Nile river from Luxor, Egypt, and purchased by collector Anthony Charles Harris (1790–1869) in 1855; it entered the collection of the British Museum in 1872. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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