Hamburg Bible

Bible of BertoldusMS. GKS 4 2°, vol. I-IIIBiblia LatinaHamborgbibelenBible de HambourgHamburgbibelenBiblio de HamburgoHamburger Bibel

Collection: Royal Danish Library

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The Hamburg Bible (also Biblia Latina or The Bible of Bertoldus) a manuscript in The Royal Library, Denmark, inscribed in 2011 on UNESCO's Memory of the World Register.The Hamburg Bible is a richly illuminated Latin Bible in three very large volumes made for the Cathedral of Hamburg in 1255. As a witness to the medieval book culture in Europe, it is a monument in its own right. It is the result of a small group of highly talented clergy- and craftsmen who not only exercised their skills to an extraordinary perfection, but also allowed themselves - or were allowed - to show their fascination of their own craft. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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