Divine Comedy Illustrated by Botticelli

Divine Comédie illustrée par BotticelliDisegni per la Divina Commedia地獄の見取り図(Map of Hell)地獄圖地狱图

Collection: Kupferstichkabinett Berlin

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The Divine Comedy Illustrated by Botticelli is a manuscript of the Divine Comedy by Dante, illustrated by 92 full-page pictures by Sandro Botticelli that are considered masterpieces and amongst the best works of the Renaissance painter. The images are mostly not taken beyond silverpoint drawings, many worked over in ink, but four pages are fully coloured. The manuscript eventually disappeared and most of it was rediscovered in the late nineteenth century, having been detected in the collection of the Duke of Hamilton by Gustav Friedrich Waagen, with a few other pages being found in the Vatican Library. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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