Selden Map of China

Carte de Selden塞爾登地圖

Language: Chinese

Collection: Bodleian Library, MS. Selden supra 105

Material: watercolor paint

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The Selden Map of China (Bodleian Library, MS Selden Supra 105) is an early seventeenth-century map of East Asia formerly owned by the legal scholar and maritime theorist John Selden. It shows a system of navigational routes emanating from a point off Fujian Province near the cities of Quanzhou and Zhangzhou, from which a principal route goes northeast towards Nagasaki and southwest towards Hoi An and then on to Pahang with another route heading past Penghu towards a point northwest of Manila. The map, largely unseen and forgotten since the eighteenth century, was rediscovered in 2008 by the historian Robert Batchelor. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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