Kiev Missal

Kyjevské listyКиевские глаголические листкиКиевски листовеКиївські глаголичні листкиKiewer BlätterMszał kijowskiКијевски мисал

Language: Old Church Slavonic

Collection: National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Material: parchment

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The Kiev Missal (or Kiev Fragments or Kiev Folios; scholarly abbreviation Ki) is a seven-folio Glagolitic Old Church Slavonic canon manuscript containing parts of the Roman-rite liturgy. It is usually held to be the oldest and the most archaic Old Church Slavonic manuscript, and is dated at no later than the latter half of the 10th century. Seven parchment folios have been preserved in small format (c.14.5 cm × 10.5 cm) of easily portable book to be of use to missionaries on the move. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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