Textus Roffensis

Annals of Rochesterடெஃடுசு ரோஃப்பின்சசு

Language: Old English

Collection: Rochester Cathedral, MS A.3.5

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The Textus Roffensis (Latin for "The Tome of Rochester"), fully entitled the Textus de Ecclesia Roffensi per Ernulphum episcopum ("The Tome of the Church of Rochester up to Bishop Ernulf") and sometimes also known as the Annals of Rochester, is a mediaeval manuscript that consists of two separate works written between 1122 and 1124. It is catalogued as "Rochester Cathedral Library, MS A.3.5" and is currently on display in a new exhibition at Rochester Cathedral, Rochester, Kent. It is thought that the main text of both manuscripts was written by a single scribe, although the English glosses to the two Latin entries (items 23 and 24 in table below) were made by a second hand. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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