Isaiah scroll

1QIsa aRollo del Mar Muerto de IsaíasGulungan Kitab Yesaya1QIsaaGroße JesajarolleGranda Skribrulaĵo de Jesajaמגילת ישעיהוGrand Rouleau d'Isaïe

Language: Biblical Hebrew

Collection: Shrine of the Book

Material: parchment

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The Isaiah Scroll, designated 1Qlsaa and also known as the Great Isaiah Scroll, is one of the seven Dead Sea Scrolls that were first discovered by Bedouin shepherds in 1946 from Qumran Cave 1. The scroll is written in Hebrew and contains the entire Book of Isaiah from beginning to end, apart from a few small damaged portions. It is the oldest complete copy of the Book of Isaiah, being approximately 1000 years older than the oldest Hebrew manuscripts known before the scrolls' discovery. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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