Liber viaticus of Johannes Noviforensis

Liber Viaticus Johannis NoviforensisLiber viaticusLiber viaticus Jana ze StředyLiber viaticus des Johannes von NeumarktLiber viaticus Johannis NoviforensisLiber viaticus Johannes NoviforensisBreviarium van Johannes NoviforensisLiber viaticus de Johannes NoviforensisЛибер виатикус

Collection: National Museum Library, XIII A 12

Material: parchment

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Liber viaticus is a breviary made sometime in the 1350s, at the latest in 1364, for Bishop John of Neumarkt. This is an illuminated manuscript of 319 sheets in relatively good condition preserved to this day (not the original binding) and deposited in the National Museum Library, Prague (sign. XIII A 12). (continued on English Wikipedia)
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