Tiberius Psalter

Cotton MS Tiberius C VIPsautier TiberiusTiberius-PsalterПсалтыр Тыберыя

Collection: British Library

Material: ink; parchment

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The Tiberius Psalter (British Library Cotton MS. Tiberius C.vi) is one of at least four surviving Gallican psalters produced at New Minster, Winchester in the years around the Norman conquest of England (the other three being the Stowe Psalter, Vitellius Psalter and Lambeth Psalter). The manuscript can now be seen fully online at the British Library website.It has the earliest known cycle of prefatory miniatures in a psalter (f. 7v–16r), a form which became very popular over the following centuries; the 12th-century St. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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