Utrecht Psalter

Psalterium Latinum / e versione Hieronymi ; accedunt Cantica S. Scripturae, Te Deum, Gloria in excelsis, Oratio Dominica, Symbolum Apostolorum, Symbolum S. Athanasii (Quicunque) et Psalmus apocryphus. UBU Hs. 32.UBU Hs. 32Hs. 32Utrechter PsalterУтрехтская псалтырьpsautier d'Utrechtหนังสือเพลงสวดสดุดีอูเทร็คท์Утрехтський псалтирUtrechts PsalterSalterio di UtrechtUtrecht-psalteretPsałterz utrechcki烏得勒支詩篇乌得勒支诗篇Утрэхцкі Псалтыр

Language: Latin

Collection: Utrecht University Library

Material: parchment

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The Utrecht Psalter (Utrecht, Universiteitsbibliotheek, MS Bibl. Rhenotraiectinae I Nr 32.) is a ninth-century illuminated psalter which is a key masterpiece of Carolingian art; it is probably the most valuable manuscript in the Netherlands. It is famous for its 166 lively pen illustrations, with one accompanying each psalm and the other texts in the manuscript (Chazelle, 1055). (continued on English Wikipedia)
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