Stockholm Codex Aureus

Codex Aureus de CantorbéryСтокгольмский Золотой кодексCodex Aureus von StockholmСтакгольмскі Залаты кодэкс

Language: Latin

Collection: National Library of Sweden, MS A. 135

Material: vellum

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The Stockholm Codex Aureus (Stockholm, National Library of Sweden, MS A. 135, also known as the Codex Aureus of Canterbury and Codex Aureus Holmiensis) is a Gospel book written in the mid-eighth century in Southumbria, probably in Canterbury, whose decoration combines Insular and Italian elements. Southumbria produced a number of important illuminated manuscripts during the eighth and early ninth centuries, including the Vespasian Psalter, the Stockholm Codex Aureus, three Mercian prayer books (the Royal Prayer book, the Book of Nunnaminster and the Book of Cerne), the Tiberius Bede and the British Library's Royal Bible. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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