Birch bark letter no. 292

Tohtkiri nr 292Новгородская берестяная грамота № 292Tuohikirje 292Näverdokument 292Birkebarkbrev nr. 292樺の木皮碑文Birkenrindentext Nr. 292樺樹樹皮信件第292號桦树树皮信件第292号Tuohikirjaine N 292Neverdokument 292

Language: Livvi-Karelian

Collection: Novgorod City Museum

The birch bark letter given the document number 292 is the oldest known document in any Finnic language. The document is dated to the beginning of the 13th century. It was found in 1957 by a Soviet expedition led by Artemiy Artsikhovsky in the Nerevsky excavation on the left coast side of Novgorod. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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