Codex Petropolitanus Purpureus

Purpurowy Kodeks PetropolitańskiПетербургский Пурпурный кодексПетербуршки пурпурни кодекс

Language: Ancient Greek

Collection: British Library; Austrian National Library; Vatican Library

Material: vellum

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Codex Petropolitanus Purpureus, designated by N or 022 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), ε 19 (Soden), is a 6th-century Greek New Testament codex gospel book. Written in majuscules (capital letters), on 231 parchment leaves, measuring 32 x 27 cm. Paleographically it has been assigned to the 6th century.Codex Petropolitanus Purpureus, along with the manuscripts Φ, O, and Σ, belongs to the group of the Purple Uncials. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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