अकबरनामाഅക്ബർനാമఅక్బర్ నామాАкбар-намеஅக்பர்நாமாAkbarnomaਅਕਬਰਨਾਮਾاکبر نامہಅಕ್ಬರನಾಮアクバル・ナーマ (年代記)كتاب أكبراکبرنامهআকবরনামা

Language: Persian

Collection: Victoria and Albert Museum

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The Akbarnama which translates to Book of Akbar, is the official chronicle of the reign of Akbar, the third Mughal Emperor (r. 1556–1605), commissioned by Akbar himself by his court historian and biographer, Abu'l-Fazl ibn Mubarak who was one of the nine jewels in Akbar's court. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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