Anjou Legendarium

Magyar Anjou-legendáriumAnjou-LegendariumLégendaire d'AnjouLegendarium andegaweńskieЛегендариум АнжуЛегендаріум АнжуLegendarium van Anjou

Collection: Vatican Library; The Morgan Library & Museum; Hermitage Museum; Louvre Museum; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Bancroft Library

Material: parchment

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The Anjou Legendarium is a Gothic illuminated manuscript of a collection of stories from the life of saints important to the House of Anjou of Hungary. It was made on the occasion of the journey of Charles I of Hungary and his son Prince Andrew to Naples in Italy in 1330.The legendarium was a picture book intended for children with a brief text accompanying pictures. The painters of the work came from Bologna and painted in the style of the trecento.Portions of the manuscript can be found in the Vatican Library, the Morgan Library and the Hermitage Museum. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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