Legend of Mount ShigiRouleaux des légendes du mont Shigi信貴山縁起信贵山缘起

Collection: Chōgosonshi-ji

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Shigisan-engi (信貴山縁起, lit. "Legend of Mount Shigi") is an emakimono or painted handscroll made in the second half of the 12th century. The story details miracles which were attributed to the monk Myōren, who lived on Mount Shigi near Nara in Japan in the latter part of the 9th century.The tales are composed in the genre of engi. Engi is a narrative that chronicles the founding of a Buddhist or Shinto establishment which, in the case of the Shigisan engi, is Chōgosonshi-ji, where Myōren used to live. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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