Psalter of Eadwine

Eadwine PsalterSalterio di EadwineEadwine psalterEadwine-PsalterPsautier d'EadwinePsałterz EadwinaPsalterium EadwiniПсалтыр Эадвіна

Language: Latin

Collection: Trinity College; British Library

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The Eadwine Psalter or Eadwin Psalter is a heavily illuminated 12th-century psalter named after the scribe Eadwine, a monk of Christ Church, Canterbury (now Canterbury Cathedral), who was perhaps the "project manager" for the large and exceptional book. The manuscript belongs to Trinity College, Cambridge (MS R.17.1) and is kept in the Wren Library. It contains the Book of Psalms in three languages: three versions in Latin, with Old English & Anglo-Norman translations, and has been called the most ambitious manuscript produced in England in the twelfth century. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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