Shaka rising from the Gold Coffin

Collection: Kyoto National Museum

Material: silk

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Shaka rising from the Gold Coffin (絹本著色釈迦金棺出現図) is an anonymous hanging scroll from the 11th century depicting the resurrection of Shakyamuni Buddha as described in the Mahamaya Sutra.A masterpiece of buddhist painting in the late Heian period (794–1185), it has been praised for its "lively" and "extremely delicate and sensitive" ink brushwork, "used skillfully to create a dramatic scene". The decoration of the dresses is seen as characteristic of the Fujiwara period, with "elaborate cut-gold design" and "gold and rich colors applied to the main figure wonderfully". It has been designated a National Treasure of Japan.The scroll depicts a dramatic scene following the death of Gautama Buddha (Shaka or Sakyamuni). (continued on English Wikipedia)
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