Wenceslas Bible

WenzelsbibelBible Václava IV.Библия ВенцеславаBible de WenceslasBiblia Wacława IVBiblia Venceslai regisWenceslaus-Bijbel

Collection: Austrian National Library

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The Wenceslas Bible (German: Wenzelsbibel) or the Bible of Wenceslaus IV (Czech: Bible Václava IV.) is a multi-volume illuminated biblical manuscript written in the German language. The manuscript was commissioned by the King Wenceslaus IV of Bohemia (that time also the King of the Romans) and made in Prague in the 1390s. The Wenceslas Bible is unique and very precious not only because of its text, which is one of the earliest German translations of the Bible, but also because of its splendid illuminations. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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