Prosperous Suzhou

姑苏繁华图姑蘇繁華圖Процветающий СучжоуWelvarend SuzhouFenyők között kanyargó hegyi ösvény

Collection: Liaoning Provincial Museum

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Prosperous Suzhou (simplified Chinese: 姑苏繁华图; traditional Chinese: 姑蘇繁華圖; pinyin: Gūsū Fánhuá Tú), originally entitled Burgeoning Life in a Resplendent Age (simplified Chinese: 盛世滋生图; traditional Chinese: 盛世滋生圖; pinyin: Shèngshì Zīshēng Tú), is an 18th-century scroll painting (handscroll) created in 1759 by the Chinese court painter Xu Yang. Depicting the bustling urban life of Suzhou, it combines Western perspective with traditional Chinese style. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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