Benedictional of St. Æthelwold

Sankt Æthelwolds velsignelserМолитвенник святого ЭтельвольдаBénédictionnaire de saint ÆthelwoldBenediktionale des heiligen ÆthelwoldБенедыкцыянал Святога Этэльвольда

Collection: British Library

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The Benedictional of St. Æthelwold (London, British Library, Additional MS 49598) is a 10th-century illuminated benedictional, the most important surviving work of the Anglo-Saxon Winchester School of illumination. It contains the various pontifical blessings used during Mass on the differing days of the ecclesiastical year along with a form for blessing the candles used during the Feast of the Purification. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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