Book of Wonders

Kitab al-BulhanBook of SurprisesKitab'el Bulhanكتاب البلهانকিতাব আল-বুলহানکتاب البلہانКнига Чудес驚異の書Հրաշքների գիրք (արաբական ձեռագիր)

Language: Arabic

Collection: Bodleian Library, MS. Bodl. Or. 133

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The Kitab al-Bulhan كتاب البلهان, or Book of Wonders, or Book of Surprises, is a mainly 14th century Arabic manuscript compiled, and possibly illustrated, by Abd al-Hasan Al-Isfahani. The codex was probably bound during the reign of Jalayirid Sultan Ahmad (1382-1410) at Baghdad, and includes texts on astronomy, astrology, geomancy and a section of full-page illustrated plates dedicated to each discourse topic, e.g. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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