Vienna Coronation Gospels

Evangelhos da Coroação de VienaKrönungsevangeliarИмперское ЕвангелиеพระวรสารบรมราชาภิเษกเวียนนาÉvangéliaire du couronnement de VienneКоронаційний Євангелістарій加冕福音書加冕福音书Viini kroonimisevangeliaar

Language: Latin

Collection: Imperial Treasury

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The Vienna Coronation Gospels, also known simply as the Coronation Gospels, is a late 8th century illuminated Gospel Book produced at the court of Charlemagne in Aachen. It was used by the future emperor at his coronation on Christmas Day 800, when he placed three fingers of his right hand on the first page of the Gospel of Saint John and took his oath. Traditionally, it is considered to be the same manuscript that was found in the tomb of Charlemagne when it was opened in the year 1000 by Emperor Otto III. The Coronation Evangeliar cover was created by Hans von Reutlingen, c. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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