Great Mongol Shahnameh

Great Ilkhanid ShahnamaDemotte Shahnamehشاهنامه دموتShâh Nâmeh Demotteشاهنامه المغول العظام

Collection: Metropolitan Museum of Art; Louvre Museum; Freer Gallery of Art; British Museum

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The Great Mongol Shahnameh, also known as the Demotte Shahnameh or Great Ilkhanid Shahnama, is an illustrated manuscript of the Shahnameh (also rendered "Shahnama"), the national epic of Greater Iran. It is the oldest surviving illustrated manuscript of the Shahnameh, probably dating to the 1330s, and in its original form, which has not been recorded, was probably planned to consist of about 280 folios with 190 illustrations, bound in two volumes, although it is thought it was never completed. It is the largest early book in the tradition of the Persian miniature, in which it is "the most magnificent manuscript of the fourteenth century", "supremely ambitious, almost awe-inspiring", and "has received almost universal acclaim for the emotional intensity, eclectic style, artistic mastery and grandeur of its illustrations". It was produced in the context of the Il-khanid court ruling Persia as part of the Mongol Empire, about a century after their conquest, and just as the dynasty was about to collapse. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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