Westcar Papyrus

Papyrus Westcarبردية وستكارПапирусът УесткарPapiruso WestcarPapiro WestcarWestcarren Papiroaウェストカー・パピルスWestcarpapyrusPapir de WestcarPapirus WestcarПапирус ВесткарWestcar-papyrusenPapir WestcarПапірус Весткар

Language: Middle Egyptian

Collection: Egyptian Museum of Berlin

Material: papyrus

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The Westcar Papyrus (inventory-designation: P. Berlin 3033) is an ancient Egyptian text containing five stories about miracles performed by priests and magicians. In the papyrus text, each of these tales are told at the royal court of king Khufu (Cheops) (Fourth Dynasty) by his sons. The story in the papyrus usually is rendered in English as, "King Cheops and the Magicians" and "The Tale of King Cheops' Court". (continued on English Wikipedia)
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