Aleppo Codex

Codex Aleppensisمخطوطة حلبCòdex d'AlepKodise sa AlepoCodex AleppoCodex von AleppoKodekso de AleppoCódex AleppoAleppo koodeksCodex d'Alepכתר ארם צובאKodeks Aleppoഅലെപ്പോ കോഡക്സ്Kodeks z AleppoКодекс АлеппоАлепо кодексアレッポ写本Aleppon koodeksi阿勒頗抄本알레포 코덱스Códice de AlepoAleppský kodex

Language: Biblical Hebrew

Collection: Yad Ben Zvi, כתב יד 1

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The Aleppo Codex (Hebrew: כֶּתֶר אֲרָם צוֹבָאKeter Aram Tzova or Crown of Aleppo) is a medieval bound manuscript of the Hebrew Bible. The codex was written in the city of Tiberias in the 10th century C.E. under the rule of the Abbasid Caliphate, and was endorsed for its accuracy by Maimonides. Together with the Leningrad Codex, it contains the Ben-Asher masoretic tradition, but the Aleppo Codex lacks most of the Torah section and many other parts. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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