Bavarian Geographer

Bayerischer GeographGeograf BawarskiBavorský geografGéographe bavaroisБаварский ГеографБаварскі географБаварський географGeografo bavareseBayerski geografGeographus BavarusGeógrafo BávaroBavarų GeografasXeógrafu BávaruBavara Geografo

Language: Medieval Latin

Collection: Bavarian State Library, Clm 560

The epithet "Bavarian Geographer" (Latin: Geographus Bavarus) is the conventional name for the anonymous author of a Latin medieval text containing a list of the tribes in central-eastern Europe, headed Descriptio civitatum et regionum ad septentrionalem plagam Danubii (Latin for Description of cities and lands north of the Danube). The name "Bavarian Geographer" was first bestowed (in its French form, "Géographe de Bavière") in 1796 by Polish count and scholar Jan Potocki. The term is now also used at times to refer to the document itself. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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