Vienna Dioscurides

Vienna DioskuridesWiener DioskuridesВенский ДиоскоридDioscoride de VienneDioscórides de Vienaடையஸ்கோரடீஸ் ஆவணம்Codex Aniciae Julianaeウィーン写本Dioscorides Vindobonensis維也納迪奧科里斯Венскі ДыяскарыдВіденський ДіоскоридDioscòrides de Viena

Language: Ancient Greek

Collection: Austrian National Library

Material: vellum

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The Vienna Dioscurides or Vienna Dioscorides is an early 6th-century Byzantine Greek illuminated manuscript of De Materia Medica (Περὶ ὕλης ἰατρικῆς in the original Greek) by Dioscorides in uncial script. It is an important and rare example of a late antique scientific text. The 491 vellum folios measure 37 by 30 cm and contain more than 400 pictures of animals and plants, most done in a naturalistic style. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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