Luttrell Psalter

Luttrell-PsalterPsautier de LuttrellLuttrell psalterPsałterz LuttrellaSalterio di LuttrellЛаттреллський псалтир

Language: Latin

Collection: British Library additional manuscripts

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The Luttrell Psalter (British Library, Additional Manuscript 42130) is an illuminated psalter commissioned by Sir Geoffrey Luttrell (1276–1345), lord of the manor of Irnham in Lincolnshire, written and illustrated on parchment circa 1320–1340 in England by anonymous scribes and artists. Along with the psalms (beginning on folio 13 r.), the Luttrell Psalter contains a calendar (1 r.), canticles (259 v.), the Mass (283 v.) and an antiphon for the dead (295 r.). The pages vary in their degree of illumination, but many are richly covered with both decorated text and marginal pictures of saints and Bible stories, and scenes of rural life. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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