Book of Durrow

Книга из ДарроуLivre de DurrowLivro de Durrowダロウの書Libro de DurrowEvangeliario di DurrowDurrow-bokenКнига з ДарроуKsięga z DurrowKnjiga iz DurrowaLlibre de DurrowKniha z DurrowКніга з ДарауKitab Durrowكتاب دورو

Language: Latin

Collection: Trinity College Dublin, MS 57 (A. IV. 5)

Material: vellum

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The Book of Durrow is a medieval illuminated manuscript gospel book in the Insular script style. It was probably created between 650 and 700. The place of creation may perhaps have been Durrow Abbey in Ireland or a monastery in Northumbria in northeastern England (where the monastery at Lindisfarne would be the likely candidate) or perhaps Iona Abbey in western Scotland—the place of origin has been debated by historians for decades without a consensus emerging. (continued on English Wikipedia)

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