Tetraevangelia of Ivan Alexander

Gospels of Tsar Ivan AlexanderGospels of Ivan AlexanderBritish Library. Manuscript. Additional 39627British Library, Additional MS 39627British Library Add. Ms. 39627British Museum. MSS. (Additional 39627)BL Add MS 39627BM MSS Add 39627Tetraevangeliar von Zar Iwan AlexanderЧетвероевангелие на цар Иван-АлександърTetraevangelio de Iván AlejandroЧатырохэвангельле Івана АляксандраTetraevanghelul țarului Ioan AlexandruTetraevangelia de João AlexandreТетраєвангеліє Івана АлександраЧатырохевангелле Івана АляксандраЧетвероевангелие Ивана Александра皇帝イヴァン・アレクサンダルの諸福音書

Collection: British Library

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The Gospels of Tsar Ivan Alexander, Tetraevangelia of Ivan Alexander, or Four Gospels of Ivan Alexander (Bulgarian: Четвероевангелие на (цар) Иван Александър, transliterated as Chetveroevangelie na (tsar) Ivan Aleksandar) is an illuminated manuscript Gospel Book, written and illustrated in 1355–1356 for Tsar Ivan Alexander of the Second Bulgarian Empire. The manuscript is regarded as one of the most important manuscripts of medieval Bulgarian culture, and has been described as "the most celebrated work of art produced in Bulgaria before it fell to the Turks in 1393".The manuscript, now in the British Library (Add. MS 39627), contains the text of the Four Gospels illustrated with 366 miniatures and consists of 286 parchment folios, 33 by 24.3 cm in size, later paginated with pencil. (continued on English Wikipedia)
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