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The flageolet is a woodwind instrument and a member of the fipple flute family. Its invention was erroneously ascribed to the 16th-century Sieur Juvigny in 1581. There are two basic forms of the instrument: the French, having four finger holes on the front and two thumb holes on the back; and the English, having six finger holes on the front and sometimes a single thumb hole on the back. The latter was developed by English instrument maker William Bainbridge, resulting in the "improved English flageolet" in 1803. →Wikipedia

chirimíaflaĝoletoфлажолетFlageoletFlagiolettoFlageolettフラジオレットФлажолетFlajoletoflageolettflöjtflageolettՖլաժոլետFideogflažolet哨笛Flajeolet (instrument muzical)

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