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An anvil is a metalworking tool consisting of a large block of metal (usually forged or cast steel), with a flattened top surface, upon which another object is struck (or "worked"). Anvils are as massive as is practical, because the higher their inertia, the more efficiently they cause the energy of striking tools to be transferred to the work piece. In most cases the anvil is used as a forging tool. Before the advent of modern welding technology, it was a primary tool of metal workers.The great majority of modern anvils are made of cast or forged steel (the latter is stronger) that has been heat treated. →Wikipedia

Amboss铁砧鐵砧ParonIngudeKowadłoYunqueAambeeldüllőAlasiKudhraTotopanStädaambeeldسندانbigornaAmbosoSteðjiНаковальняNakovanjНаковањXunqueÖrsAlasinКовадлоamboltEtúleliZindanIncüsenAmboltenclumeincudineഅടയിരുമ്പ്金床СунталNicovalăAmbeeldenclusaIncusEingionkovadlinaऐरणგრდემლიAnnevнаковањҺандал һөйәкСандал (җиһаз)BigorniaХъæсдарæг모루KovadlinaAndasНаковалняզնդանסדן (נפחות)ಬಡಿಗಲ್ಲುstiddieĐeEnclutge (esplech)

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Pah-beh-tha-ma. Blacksmith
watercolor painting1801

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